Classic, Beautiful Wedding photography in Lexington Kentucky

I understand how much goes into planning a wedding and I'm here to help. I've collated lots of information you may find useful. There's links to vendors I love to work with and articles on wedding related issues and solutions as well as information on my services and offers.


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If your head is swimming with 16x20 canvas wraps and 16x16 float frames and really you don't know what you want at this point, you're planning a million things and you just cant ‘see’ how your images will look inside these numbers, then you are in the right place.




I got rid of all that, because you are unique, your images will be like nothing you can imagine! When you fall in love with them you may very well want to display them completely differently to what you first imagined.




I understand well the challenge of trying to make sense of all those numbers and products on offer in most packages. It’s a headache not to mention after looking at 10+ they all just start to become a blur. So with me FORGET ABOUT IT!




I keep it nice and simple, estimate your costs around 2=3k depending on which base you start with and once you have your images delivered at your reveal, we will go through options best suited to you. One less thing to worry about for now and something fun to look forward to when you get back off your honeymoon!


 Package prices are bases, custom products are additional.  Average spend 1-3000.




Bijou 600


Ruth Weinstock 5 hours coverage


1 hour travel included from Lexington Ky


includes $200 album print credit


Small size digitals included with each heirloom purchase


3 hours personal design consultations.


The perfect compromise for small intimate affairs or where you don't really feel the need for the getting ready set of images or reception hour.



*Session fees on any other services are complimentary for my brides.





La Belle 1500


Ruth and Daniel Weinstock 8 hours


2 hours travel included from Lexington Ky


includes $400 album print credit


Small size digital sharing album included.


3 hours personal design consultations.


The standard package, never miss a photo with 2 shooters and get lots of fun angles and more time for getting ready shots, plus an album credit for all these beautiful shots!