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You should look like a princess in your fairy-tale 'I Do' pictures

You're smart enough to know exceptional photography isn't just a click on a camera anymore than your perfect wedding cake isn't straight out a box mix.  But knowing the difference between a pro and Jane down the street with a camera isn't always obvious, so here's the breakdown.

  1. Organized - Answering questions, being on top of meetings and of course just turning up on your big day. Jayne might put you in google calendar which have been know to delete now n then eeeek! If you're ever struggling to get to sleep, call me, I'd be happy to tell you how I set up 2 calendars to feed into my online booking system and update my CRM software all at the same time. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Contracts - Do I need to explain this one? Still wondering to go to any wedding blog and when the bride says Jayne hasn't delivered my images what do I do? The first question everyone asks is 'what does your contract say?' Without one you have no legal recompense. Just RUN. Obviously I have them, I don't take chances with something this important!
  3. Insurance - I know so dull, but #2 #3 are how you weed out your prospects to ACTUAL genuine business people who are invested in their service, your safety and well being. Jane isn't even covering her expenses with what shes charging you so you can forget claiming anything from her.
  4. Style - Typically a seasoned pro and award winning wedding photographer will be fairly classic in style. This is due to the nature of photography fads, we have seen them come and go and they date very fast. Think of the Walmart portraits we love to make fun of, they thought they were great then.....................You don't want to look at your wedding images and thingk OMG what was I thinking. Jayne will try and accommodate whatever you like to make her buck, but is master of none.
  5. Personality - Well this isn't anything to do with skill level really, BUT I see a lot of brides making the mistake of going for this first. I'm a NERD so I would do your due diligence first on the above points then meet with the final 3 before making the personalty 'fit' decision. Personalty is massively important for you as it's your special day you're spending with them. But good personalty does not equal being good at the dull boring stuff you have to do to run a business, like aftercare and fast image delivery.
  6. Delivery - It's an industry standard to not get your images back for months after a wedding. I have absolutely no idea why this is the case. Even with a full time job I can edit a wedding in about 2 weeks. This is something you might want to factor in, because you will be obsessively waiting on them! Jane is more concerned with family commitments than your edits, my business IS my baby!
  7. Technical skill -You have no idea how many second shooter gigs I've done where my 'lead' was shooting in Auto mode. This means they have NO IDEA how to make use of their 3k worth of camera, Not only is that sacrilegious but it also means their technical skills to figure out dodgy lighting scenarios on the fly as you waft through your day is non existent. Jane will be dragging you to appropriately lit locations for her skill level. I will be wafting with you and having fun pushing my equipment to all its limits to make wild and dynamic shots in any lighting scenario.

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Custom packages made just for you. Choose from a beautiful selection of timeless products.

Albums give you the freedom to tell you story. Whether you want just the highlights  or a large volume of the days events, I have the perfect size to suit you. You can chose from soft Italian leather or linen in lots of different colors.

Frames never go out of fashion, so your investment will stand the test of time and always look amazing. There's a huge range to choose from in ornate metals to wood in  various colors and styles. You will find one you absolutely love to protect your most loved memories of the day.

Folio boxes are a unique wedding item. Made with gorgeous bamboo from sustainable sources  you can display your images, swap them out as you wish and replenish them every year. You can give away the matted prints, frame them or change them up with this versatile and beautiful display case.

Wedding packages range from 3000-5000