Confidence, self worth, real beauty. Because you deserve it.

It comes down to this. Fat, thin, young, older, rich or just getting by, when a real person gets in front of my lens, I see a human being. Nervous, unsure, re-living every pain, anxiety, self deprecating thoughts and worries they aren't good enough or won't look good enough.


Sometimes all we need is permission. Permission to say, you know what? I still got it, I am beautiful just as I am. And it's time I treated myself!


The portrait experience takes you from feeling urrrgh to oh my God is that really me!?  Everyone needs a little magic in their life, a stop gap from the hum drummity existence and images of themselves to die for! Why? Because you deserve to exist in images like this.


Still on the fence? No problem I have a short course of tips and tricks that will show you how to look good on your camera at home. When you start looking great on home shot images you know you will look like a million dollars in mine.


Go on take the challenge! Click below to get started!


before shot of mature woman against painted angle wings after shot of her in mmagazine cover style
young blonde womans photo before and after glamour makeover
image of a long haired man before with sunglases and after photshoot made up like a viking

This shoot is meant to be more than just images. You deserve to feel good about yourself, to feel refreshed and shake off those nagging self defeating thoughts. This is an experience where you get to show yourself just how amazing you really are and walk away with images that remind you of that every day.