If you're having fun, beautiful pictures are effortless.

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 If you'd rather go a for beer or a coffee to discuss your shoot over a formal meeting then you're in the right place. I love what I do and enjoying it to the fullest while celebrating you enhances my service. My clients are usually people who aren't so comfortable in front of the lens, they are looking for an experience that will relax them and take the worry out of having a professional shoot.




This is the area I shine in, I’ve traveled the globe and learn t 3 language because I love to talk to people, getting to know you is where all the photography magic happens if you ask me. So if you're looking for a cheap shoot and burn photographer I’m not for you. I like my clients to feel like old friends and I love to work with fun and exciting people too, so I spend a lot of time around the ‘service’ to get to know you well enough to produce results you will love.




I’ve got 4 dogs a horse and love my coffee in the morning and a nice glass of wine or beer to chill out with at 5pm (somewhere). I’m pretty simple these days after living allover the world, I’m at the stage of life where I’m just happy with the day to day fur family life and running my own business. I’ve got time for you and I’m grateful for all human interactions, people make life interesting.




I understand the power photos have over us after I quit smoking and piled on a tonne of weight. I’d never been camera shy before, in fact quite the opposite, so I know the misery it is seeing a horrible picture of yourself. I also know the value of a perfect picture and how much of a step it takes some people to come to get their photos done. So I’m passionate about using images to create the flip affect in your self image. Everyone gets to beautiful, I wont be told otherwise.




I freelance for the local magazine Tops in Lexington and it can be anything from indoor architecture to outdoor head shots, I am what you would call a jack of all trades and master of the beauty shoot.




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Ruth's absolutely wonderful to work with. If you are awkward in front of a camera, like myself, she helps you relax. Her photos are absolutely beautiful.




Brittney Warren Bride

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Ruth is so talented! I was super nervous to have her take my picture because I hate being in front of the camera. She made me feel so comfortable and the pictures turned out amazing!! Highly recommend her!


Macy Galloway

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Ruth recently took my wedding pictures and they turned out amazing. My wedding was on July 7th and I am already getting the pictures back today. Amazing return time with the pictures. She was great with the entire wedding party and the kids. For sure would book again with her in the future.


Haley Humphries

black mother and son laughing looking off to the right




Ruth was great at capturing the laid back personalities of both my son and I. She had a knack for getting my son to giggle even though he hates taking pictures black mother and son laughing looking off to the right The photos turned out even better than I expected and she was super quick at getting them back to me. Very prompt arrival and easy to communicate with. Would highly recommend her to others!


Amber Duncan