I felt so much better about ageing when I got new pro photos done. You still got it you know.

profile picture of ruth weinstock arms crossed over knees

 I struggled a few times in my life with my identity who I was, how I saw myself. None more so than when I hit my late 30s. Aging was hard, probably the hardest journey I’ve had to take as far as being ok with my appearance ever had been. 


I’ve always been able to embrace it before because it was really more about buying clothes or style or things that I could change, this time it was really a lot deeper than that, ‘I’ was changing this time.

But, here’s the thing you can wake up one day and realize you’re smarter, clever, sexier give less fucks than you ever have and admit you’re the best you that has ever been and are way more put together than you ever were.  Or you can worry about those couple of wrinkles and think that your whole identity revolves around your face. 


Choose you, chose you every day and live your real life as you see fit. 

Live it

Love it




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