Style guide · 14. January 2019
If you've never had a beauty shoot before you might be in need of some styling inspiration. Basically extravagant is the name of the game!
Shoot preparation  · 14. January 2019
Picking outfits for shoots can be a bit stressful at the best times. When it comes to Boudoir its even more important you feel amazing in your outfit choices. I've put some pointers and links to outfits to help you get ready.
Posing · 31. December 2018
Unless you're in your 20's posing probably isn't very natural for you. That doesn't mean you have to be cancelled out the history books for fear of photos. Follow these tips and get back in the family album!
Shoot preparation  · 10. December 2018
Regular make up routines aren't always your best friend when faced with a professional camera. Here are some tips to keep you looking fabulous on and off camera.
16. October 2017
A photographers perspective review of the Yew dell Botanical gardens in Louisville , Kentucky.
10. August 2017
Review from a photographers perspective of the Josephina wedding venue in Dry Ridge Kentucky.
04. August 2017
Professional photography isn't cheap, and most these days have cameras that take pretty spectacular images, so why go pro over amateur?