Beauty and Glamour shoot style guide

Whether you're branding professionally or just re-vamping your personal look, a beauty shoot is your chance to dig deep and really scream who you are with your style. Color, texture poses say something and that something should be from that deep dark place that always want to be set free. Dig out that spangly dress you bought but were too scared to wear because it's too risqué or  that crazy ballgown you never got wear to that fancy gig that never happened. Or maybe you just want another excuse to get into your wedding gown. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT! Do it do it do it, this doesn't happen very often, use it to create something new and wonderful. Xoxox


Formal/smart casual




Great if you are having some head shots for work and social media in your shoot. When it comes to branding everything including your clothing choice should be speaking in your brand voice. Are you straight up and corporate? Are you pretty serious but like to give off a more subtle approachable feel? Colors and style should be considered when answering these questions because in our visual world most first impressions happen online and you want to make sure your images are saying exactly what you want to your potential audience.









Jumpsuits say professional yet approachable.







Light and ethereal


These are your prom gowns, floaty skirts, light fabrics we can blow with a hairdryer and toss round for stunning images. Pastel shades work really well with this style.









If you already have a Glitzy top or old bustier you could stain with tea for vintage look you could pair it up with a matching skirt.







Dark and smoldering


This is more your black tie evening gown look, dark colors, longer lengths a well fitted pant suit can also turn into some smoldering attire in the right poses.









Here the ‘too short’ dress stuck in the back of the wardrobe fits. Any bodycon sequin numbers you have or that sparkly 1920's number you keep seeing online. If you're going for a more boudoir look a lacy teddy nigh dress or bustier over pants is a sexy look without compromising any dignity. A good corset and skirt can be super sexy while remaining stylish and modest.










Here is your chance to celebrate you, whoever told you to play small can shut right up! Here is your chance to be unashamedly EPIC. Ballgowns, princess dresses, or something fantastical maybe you'd like to dust off your wedding dress for a pose or 2 why not, I LOVE epic! If you're crafty who not even try making your own!