Quick Posing tips to look great on camera

Unless you were born in the age of the smartphone/cameras you were probably taught to stand face on arms by sides whenever a camera is around. It’s the least flattering way to go about having your pic taken, but don't worry I understand your pain! Lets walk through how to look great.


It takes a bit of practice but so worth it to not worry about being in pictures anymore, for all of you who know this already, hold on for posing tips #2 the next level ! I've even missed one of the posing elements in some of the examples, see if you can spot which one it is.

Disclaimer, the model is me, I'm just a regular gal with rolls like everyone else but you can work them to look your best and feel a lot better about cameras.



The chin



Start with the chin and work your way down the moves, without moving your neck, stick your chin out as far as it will go. Its essential you do it WITHOUT moving your neck, it wont go very far but no neck is important or you will look like a duck bobbing for bread. This move helps get rid of the dreaded double chins.











First off, take your weight on the back foot.


What this does is move the bulk away from the camera, things near it look big and things farther away look small. Simple enough right?










Improve the stance




On the front foot, if you can point the toe and bring the knee across the body just a touch.


What this does is gives a twist through the core, slims

the tum and improves posture.













Hate those bulky arms? Most times when we see a camera we tense up and lock our body language down, this flattens the arms and adds bulk. To avoid it just lift them gently off the body, gravity will do it’s thing and slim them out a couple of inches.






Heavy around the middle




Most people know the 90’s posing method of having the camera above you to slim the middle, but this just creates an image of you looking up!


Simpler and honestly what was my game changer, is very very easy and made me feel a million times better about having my pic taken.




Run through your pose as above and the very very last thing is, move your butt away from the camera. Just imagine your butt cheeks are sat on a rail track that goes directly to the camera and slide it back a couple of inches. Super simple crazy effective!


Let me know what you think in the comments!


As you can see in these photos my lips are almost un-noticeable even though I had on lippy. To get the best out of your shoots use my make up tips (HERE)


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