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Venue Review The Josephina Dry Ridge Kentucky




The Josephina is a large barn situated in between Lexington and Cincinnati, the site is designed specifically with events in mind.




As you turn off the road the main barn dominates the vista, its fresh white paint with black trim is very crisp and clean, it’s an impressive and large structure, easy to fit a large wedding party. In front of the barn is a sizable parking lot and the brides cabin with a beautiful arched walkway to take you to the church.




The grounds immediately outside the brides room have a wrought iron double garden chair and red brick wall under 2 trees. These are perfect for sunny day pictures and give a couple of options for photo backgrounds either against the brick wall, manicured garden and flowers or either of the buildings depending on your taste preference. Inside the brides room there are a couple of fantastic features for pictures, a large leather button studded mirror in beige which has an incredible cinematic appeal in pictures and my favorite was a purple velour chair which would be amazing contrast to any wedding dress. The room is on the smaller side once all the bridesmaids are in getting changed so my advice is to prepare the room before the photographer arrives, by moving all hangers, items bags etc to one corner, away from the mirror and chair or behind the handy curtain next to the door. Believe me photo shopping all the bags and hangers out is a huge pain and something some photographers will charge extra for.




The main building is an impressive size with a balcony that can seat a lot of guests and overlook the dance floor. There are 2 staircases that sweep down from the balcony to the seating area outside. I found these fantastic for cascading shots of the wedding party and make quite an entrance for brides or any of the bridal party. The center walkway inside is adorned by fairy lights and has a classy appeal. Upstairs is a good spot to get overhead shots of your whole party after dinner. My only critique of this site would the walls inside, they are bare and straight onto the wooden framework of the barn, if plan B should ever need to be executed and guests brought inside for photos the backdrop leads a lot to be desired. Overall with its chandeliers and fairy lights and a little creativity there are still good shots to be had inside.




The seating area outside slopes off in a backdrop to green pasture and trees giving an excellent view of the couple taking the vows, nice pictures can be taken from the 2nd floor of the barn while the ceremony is in progress and the bridge adjacent gives a good perch for some less intrusive photo angles if you prefer your photographer at a distance while your taking your vows.




Down the path to the grooms house are 3 areas just made for pictures. A smaller cute version of the barn with windows in style of on old rail bridge is great for the girls or boys to hang out of. And with its own small sweeping staircase it makes a great spot for intimate bridal party shots, exchanging of letters or group shots from above. The path leads along a Japanese style bridge which is also very cute for framing the bride or to have the ladies lean on or over for some group pictures. The grass next to it has a love heart of bushes for the bride and her maids to sit in and have cute shots if the grass is dry.




The grooms house at the end of the path is small but has a cute porch perfect for pictures of the boys leaning over or stood on the steps chatting before the ceremony. Inside is much smaller than the brides and will therefore require some careful housekeeping before photos can be taken, but some nice shots can be taken in here of the guys getting ready.




Lots of large open spaces give you plenty of room for large group shots as required and a handy bonus is the building next door which can be rented for your party or permission may be granted for pictures dependent on residents of the times wishes. I particularly loved the bride on the steps of the front porch. The angle was perfect to show off the dress train cascading down the stairs and the colonial style building in the background gave a wistful romantic feel to the pictures. In my opinion these were perfect candidates for old time poses and black and white if you like that kind of edit. There is also a beautiful fountain where the rings can be placed for some gorgeous up close detail shots. If you like a more rustic style, there are 2 small outhouses covered in ivy and surrounded by some fun overgrowth to sit under or have as background in your images.




Overall this place is a photographers dream, they have really done a great job at providing some beautiful situations for your photos and a comfortable venue with everything you need for a great day.




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