Why choose a professional photographer?


Why hire a professional photographer?


Before we dive into the answer I need to tell you a story. It’s a story of my one regret in life.


I am the generation who grew up with 4 TV channels and phones that were attached to walls, in those days (yikes yes I said it) taking photos was a hit or miss affair that involved film reels, weeks of processing time and invariably a lot of disappointment on receipt of the proofs. Not to mention the chopped heads of any person to the right or left of the focus subject! You see how some people lean when you’re taking a pic of them? Yeah, this is my age group part of our left over childhood photographic decapitation traumas. Even after years of cameras having wide enough lenses to accommodate large groups and surrounding scenery, the trauma of yester years bad Christmas pics still lingers in our memory.


I was accustomed to not having pictures taken of me that much in the same fashion that kids today are very comfortable striking poses in front of the nearest cell phone or camera. I was just used to doing my thing and documenting life s ups and downs on paper. As cameras became more transportable and I was traveling through the worlds most exotic locations I started my snap diary. I look back 10 years to those days of pictures of the great wall of china or me somewhere in Thailand eating the most delicious food and I can practically taste it like I was there, the memories so deeply rooted into the picture transport me back to that moment like it was yesterday. Those same memories have stayed vivid and current thanks to those snaps, where many of my adventures are lost to the sands of time.


I've hit that time in life when past events start to seem hazy and as you recall a beautiful memory maybe of that person or time that lights your soul up, you start to consider how many more times that will pop up in your memory before it is lost entirely. The era of my life pre-cameras is hazy at best, large chunks of my early years are just gone from memory and history. The older I get the more joy I take from those pictures, its growing exponentially. I begin to understand the stereotypical picture of the old person pouring over their photograph album; tear in the eye and a smile on their face.


If there was a magic potion that could bottle an emotion, the picture would be the closest real life thing that delivers that. I have so many memories of people and places that I will never see or have the chance to visit again, my only regret is not having more photos to keep them alive with.


In today's bargain hunter economy its natural to seek the cheapest or free solutions but consider the investment in 5-10-20 years time of a beautiful portrait of a departed loved one, the first kiss on your wedding day or your child's first days on this earth, those pictures will hold a value like nothing else you will ever own, its a value that cannot be measured financially and an investment that will give you return over a whole lifetime.


Are you willing to leave the documentation of those moments to pure chance?


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