Classic, elegant, timeless wedding photography, and boudoir portraits that belong in art galleries. Right here in the beautiful bluegrass state, Lexington Kentucky.

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I have the kind of personality you will absolute LOVE or ABSOLUTELY hate . I'm just authentic, honest dry witted and quirky. My perfect clients are those 'fringe' people who couldn't care less about what you think they should be doing because thy are doing whats right for them. And I adore photographing people living their real truth.
I adore love and that's why I focus on shooting weddings, because the emotion, the realness, the kindness, the dress all the pretty! Everyone brings their A game to a wedding (except some that do not) but life is so juicy and wonderful through a lens anyway, it makes fantastic pictures no matter what!
The studio style was born from the question what do I do if it rains?!?!? Well I went and got educated (and gifted some awards) because I wanted to provide a whole service and never be stuck without a plan B (rain sucks, your photos on the other hand don't have to). Plus most of my brides wanted something cheeky and personal to give to their partner on the wedding night. Boudoir for a gorgeous gift or a glam the dress shoot to make use of that incredible gown more than once became some add ons to the regular wedding offerings.
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Black and white wedding photo of Mexican bride Lexington Kentucky
Dark style headshot of smiling woman. Studio portrait Lexington Kentucky