Elegant, classic, glamorous photography for people who hate having their picture taken.

 Lets face it there's a million and one great photographers on the interwebs, it's quite mind numbing after a while finding one that stands out.


 So why me over all the others?




I know the value of an image where you look amazing. I know exactly how it feels to have seen so many ugly pictures of yourself that a camera makes you freeze and run in terror. Seeing yourself in a bad light is the most soul crushing and horrible feeling and it's easy to mistrust cameras you come into contact with after a few of those.




 See Brittney here, she said she was weird in photos, what do you think?






My passion is making people feel good about themselves, I've done it in various way over my life but in essence the goal is always the same. If you look like a million dollars my mission is complete. And my business keeps thriving. I provide you a custom service so you get to chose and decide your products and we shoot for the images you want in them.



Claudia told me she needed lots of help with her pictures because she wasn't photogenic at all. Sound familiar?








Macy said she hates having her picture taken but the experience with me made her feel like a supermodel!


Mission accomplished.

I could waffle on forever but a visual summary of me my loves and values are below.


And yes, since I gained 35lbs I hate having my picture taken........ BUT the right photographer will still make you look amazing!      (that's a big hint)