Elegant, classic, glamorous photography for people who hate having their picture taken.

Image of bride staring romantically into the distance


The focus in my work is effortless classic beauty, your images should show showcase your personality and beauty in a natural and simplistic way that will never date and always be worth hanging in a place of pride.




Whether it’s weddings or one of the beauty style shoots you value connection. Come to me for an empowering a revitalizing experience in a space where you feel taken care of and looked after and make a good friend, while you're there!




Communication is key and I pride myself in helping people feel great about  having their picture taken. Getting to know you and what make you tick are how I bring the inner glow to your images, when you feel like you're just having a fun with a friend the results are incredible.




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 See Brittney here, she said she was weird in photos, what do you think?

black and white image of a bride standing on a vintage staircase







You feel awkward you hate your picture taken because you remember those awful mobile pics someone took and posted all over social media and it made you feel like crap. Or those arms, legs or chin that you always see in your pictures.




It's going to be just fine, you will look awesome no matter what because my service revolves around getting to know you well enough to know these things and shoot accordingly.


I got you.



Claudia told me she needed lots of help with her pictures because she wasn't photogenic at all. Sound familiar?

Beautiful glamour headshot of a young blonde woman








Macy said she hates having her picture taken but the experience with me made her feel like a supermodel!


Mission accomplished.

I could waffle on forever but a visual summary of me my loves and values are below.


And yes, since I gained 35lbs I hate having my picture taken........ BUT the right photographer will still make you look amazing!      (that's a big hint)