Classic, elegant, wedding photography, and boudoir portraits that belong in art galleries. Coming to Seattle for 2020



Thanks for stopping over to look at my work. I'm a world traveler speaking several languages because I really love talking to people and new experiences.


I fell in love with photography because of the balance of scientific and creative, whichever way I'm feeling I can accommodate my passions within the genre. It's part math degree and part just feel the moment.


I've been so fortunate to have seen the world (literally) my eye is unlike anyone else's and I just SEE cool concepts form in my head while I listen to peoples vision for their shoots.


There's no such thing as un-photogenic, only shit photography so drop that in the can right now before you enter.


Have a look around and if you like it, catch up with me on social media. (Links bottom page) XoX

Black and white wedding photo of Mexican bride Lexington Kentucky
Dark style headshot of smiling woman. Studio portrait Lexington Kentucky